Social Responsibility

A greener clean

Because every business needs to play its part in reducing their industry’s environmental impact.

We are proud members of Planet Mark – currently working towards gaining our sustainability certification.

GSS is fully committed to doing everything we can to halt the global climate crisis.

We primarily use cleaning products which have been given the ‘green tick’ – minimising their environmental impact and all of our paper supplies are produced either from recycled or sustainable materials.

reduction in company carbon footprint 20210%
recycled / sustainably produced paper products 0%
environmentally friendly cleaning products0%
recycled plastic products0%


Ways in which we work greener …

  • 01 SUSTAIN

    Working with Planet Mark to ensure our service delivery methods are achieved in a sustainable way.

  • 02 WATER

    Using water on site to dilute our cleaning product concentrates - reducing transport costs globally.

  • 03 LOCAL

    Employing our staff within the locality of our client sites, reducing transport times to their workplace.

  • 04 PAPER

    Ensuring all paper products supplied are from recycled or renewable sources.

  • 05 plastic

    Only supplying recycled plastic products or sustainable material alternatives to clients.


We donate annually to Clouds of Hope – a children’s and youth residential care centre in South Africa. This year GSS sponsored 25 new pairs of football boots, socks, shinpads and goalie gloves for their ‘Real Hope’ teams.