our story

At GSS, delivering commercial cleaning and maintenance services is our business and our passion.


We started out over 20 years ago as a ‘one-man band’ and still retain some of our earliest clients to date.  


Today we service a wide range of clients covering: office / work spaces, residential  commercial communal areas clinical spaces, retail spaces, theatres, museums and galleries.  

We love the diversity of our service provision and pride ourselves on our strong relationships built with clients along the way.  


As a privately-owned SME, we’re also in the fortunate position of being able to adapt quickly and easily to the ever-evolving requirements of running a business like ours.  


We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. GSS is an active member of the SME Climate Hub – a platform to assist businesses to become carbon-neutral and The Living Wage Foundation – committing to paying our staffing team the real cost of living rate.